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martes, febrero 14, 2006

Quizes 2

Personallity (pics of anime)
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you are a sweet person you are calm and you know

what you want in life

what type of lover are you? (girls only plz)
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you are a romantic lover. you care for the one you

love alot and would do anything for them! you

love all the little things, like be given

roses or just a sweet kiss.

Here you are

If you were an Angel, what would you look like? (Beautiful pictures) Different result for each answer
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Anonymous raven said...

pero si eres toda una adicta a los test verdad?

te entiendo, algunos test tiene excelentes imagenes como resultados!!.......

esas descripciones, me parecen que van contigo, correcto?


7:14 p. m.  

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