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jueves, septiembre 15, 2005


Estos son algunos de los resultados de varios quizes de Quizilla, me entretuve bastante con ellos, y puedo decir que el resultado se acerca mucho a la realidad

An Inuyasha personality test
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Doo! :D
You're Sesshoumaru!!!

Your the type of person who will do about any
means nessesary to get what you want. You don't
tend to talk much, and you don't really like to
be around pther people. You happen to have a
'servent' who follows you aroud, trying to do
many things to help you out. And you've lost
your arm in battle *sniff*.

Do you know Inuyasha(The show)?
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can you do the can can?
You're OBSESSED with Inuyasha! You can hardly stop
thinkig about it, and you basically know
everything about it! (even some flaws!)

What kind of Dragon are YOU?(with pics now!)
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sky dragon
You're a Sky Dragon!!
You like to float lazily in the sky,without a care
in the world. Plus you like zaping people with
cold hands! For the people who try to steal
yopur treasure, they can easily dissapear with
your lightning! GOOD FOR YOU!!!

What Type of Gurl RU?(More Pix soon!!) Girls ONLY!
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Yay!! Your like me!! Your not a tomboy or girlie,
your an in-betweenie!! You probably wear tennie
shoes, and blue jeans most of the time. Good 4

Would you make a good villain?
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You would make the perfect villian!!!!!!! You know
what works well in devastating people, and you
have a little fun with it too. You know what
the perfect moments are and you're really
strong as well. If only those pesky heros and
henchmen would all just leave you alone rite?

What Role Would You Take in an Adventure?(with anime pics ^^)
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your the Sorcerer/sorceress-----
You've trained alot in the arts of magic, and
are pretty good at it as you get better and
better. You don't tend to hide your feelings
but at 'those' times, you get all protective.
You give out alot of advice to help out the
hero and their journey, but sometimes you just
like to tease them just to get kicks out of it.
You're really smart and you laugh at the people
who don't get what you're talking about!

What kind of wings does YOUR soul have?(anime pics!!)
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You have mysterious wings.

Not very many people understand you,
as you have a very complex soul. You have
some friends, but you trust very few of them.
PLus you don't open up to very many people,
and stay to yourself alot of the times.
Your wings give off an artist side for you,
even if you say that you dont have one. But you
seem to have your own style to your things...

A Quote: If people don't want me here,
why did they have me?

- What is Your Inner Angel -
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You are the Angel of Lonliness.

Good Traits:

You are another one of God's beautiful creatures.

You hold dear to you all that you have because you feel if you let them leave, you

have no one else to hold onto. You do have a wonderful family, whether or not they may be divorced, because the family you have is able to suffer that same feeling of lonliness with you. The reason for that is because you lost your best friend, be it your actual best friend, a pet, or a family member. Either way, you do try hard to love what you still have, though it may not be enough, because you are one of the most depressed people you or anyone else knows, ever since that fateful news.

Bad Traits:

Though you do appreciate what you have, you are always finding yourself alone and away from family. You're not quite sure why, but even though they are going through everything you are, you feel they will never understand YOUR emotions. You believe there is now a permenant brick wall between you and everyone else that was once so close to you. All you want back is what you lost, but knowing that this can never be, you tend to isolate yourself more than you really want to.

Your Best Friend is Most Likely:
The Angel of Fun

who are u anime pics :D gals only
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ur strange in like a good way, awsome